Gavin Mikhail

By Mandy Rogers

I so want to love Florence And The Machine. I love the band ethic; I love the overall image and sound of the band. What does fall short, for me personally to be able to fully immerse myself into the folky dancetronica of it all, is that Florence’s vocals are for the most part a touch too shrill for my taste.

So in this instance another way for myself to gain full enjoyment of the latest stellar track “Spectrum (Say My Name)” is to seek out a quality cover of it.

Oh wow, do we have a rather immense cover version to enjoy!

Gavin Mikhail from Tennessee is a pro with the covers, his YouTube & Spotify accounts are a bountiful treasure trove of classy acoustic interpretations of a choice selection of pop’s most recently in demand tunes.  I know it seems as if everyone has had a try out of Goyte’sSomebody That I Used To Know” but I happen to think that until you hear Gavin’s version of it, you’ve probably not heard it done so emotively and as epic. Which is also applicable to the Florence And The Machine cover actually.

Gavin makes “Spectrum (Say My Name)" his own in a beautiful fashion.  The vocals are so on point and so smoothly delivered and I can’t help but pick out a touch of Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine style lilt seeping though, which quite honestly I could quite happily listen too all day. Coupled with the dynamically rousing accomplished piano accompaniment, this interpretation amongst Gavin’s clutch of others are something kind of special and the mark of a true uber talented singer, songwriter / musician.