Kyla La Grange 1

Having been someway nearly there before as an artist in transition. Kyla La Grange completes upon her metamorphosis from worldly folk music sought approach to that of bone fide alt electronic pop troubadour.

Being that Kyla dabbled with the realm of electronica on her previous album, “Get It” and “Cut Your Teeth”, the title track remains it’s most overtly electro-pop headily embraced efforts in a mainstream appreciative sense.

As Kyla was headed this way into a dimension of synthsized sound, we at least get the suggestion that Mz La Grange has since, ingested a fair amount of La Roux’s romping electronica in the interim. As the backing track to new release “So Sweet” literally explodes with an identifiable “Bulletproof” shattering buzz of the quiffed one’s eponymous nu-retro delivered debut album.

Whereas La Roux’s opinion dividing vocals were the greatest deciding factor of whether you like her or not te same cannot be said of Kyla’s immeasurably ethereal vox which cuts the air with breathy ease.

Sum of it all – “So Sweet” sounds a little as though Ellie Goulding were covering La Roux’s “Bulletproof”! and that alone makes for a very good reason enough, why you should be pressing play on this particular jaunty pop diddy today.