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Photo: Piper Ferguson

We are so accustomed these days to hear of pop talent Matthew Koma being linked with big EDM collaborations. In that, we mean he has pretty much been the go to man for providing vocals on some the worlds top DJ’s and producers dancefloor fillers, in so much that Matthew’s collaborations are well documented with Zedd, Hardwell and Tiesto. Not leaving out Matthew’s inclusion on Giorgio Moroder’s “Déjà vu” Project with “Tempted” a little earlier this year.

Massively though, we’ve been waiting and wanting Matthew to come out with dropping some new material purely as Matthew Koma the artist for what seems like a very long time now. So, seriously actually, we’ve been on tenter hooks since Matthew announced via his social media that he’d completed work on his debut album that we’ve been positively yearning for the day for the whole new promo campaign to kick in.

Today we have been rewarded in our wait as the first new track “So F**kin Romantic” has arrived!
However, long we’ve had to wait for this new single release, Matthew certainly wastes no time in dealing out the quirky beats with all the immense pop charisma that he has been blessed with.

To our minds, nothing say’s feel good vibes more than when a sax strikes up an appearance and Matthew has been savvy enough to get one in on the act of his debut release with RCA Records.

So F**kin Romantic” is a sunshine palooza coming together of all of Matthew’s multi-faceted strengths. Showcasing here some particularly playful lyrics, atop an ambundance of upbeat fuelled melody.

A total crowd pleaser. A total anthem. In so much that It will be hard enough to contain yourselves from breaking out in song, when this infectious ditty deals all of it’s radiantly gleaming pop-hearted genius out.

If you haven’t yet booked a vacation or are on a staycation this summer, press play on this, that way you’ll at least be soaking up all things Cali(fornia) in spirit through this sunny side up filtered song.