Some would say what took them so long in pairing up together!

Electronic whiz kids Porter Robinson and Madeon have both come up through the ranks fashioning EDM with similar flair. Packed of vibrant high energy and steered by a respectful but innovative artistry, each of the highly sought after producers now amount to front-runners in the genre.

Rumours and nods had been surfacing but when the news came in that they are to go on tour together, it practically broke the internet with everybody clamouring to get a keen ear over “Shelter”, the track which the production buddies shared with the announcement.

Now you might want to clear a space on the floor, as the inevitable urge to dance will happen once a few bars of this oven fresh, top tiered collaboration filters out the signature traits of each of the highly regarded beatsmiths.

If electronic pop dreams would be made real in today’s modern age, they really did just happen with the arrival of “Shelter”.

The North Americans are going to be treated to a tour experience like no other, two of EDM’s brightest and finest collaborating before their very eyes. Gee Wow how can the rest of the world sit back, look on and make do with gazillions of mobile phone footage making its way to each and every social media outlet. We all wants in on it too.

Here’s hoping the little UK gets some of the action in the not so distant future.