The Good Natured

By Mandy Rogers

The Good Natured are serving up some surprises lately aren’t they! Collaborations with synth pop legend Vince Clarke on new track “Ghost Train”, oh man what a win that was.

Its kick up the 80’s again, as pop noir trio TGN teased news of a cover throughout their social media a few days ago, flashing up picture clues of a record cover with the word “crazy” emblazoned on it (thank the gods it wasn’t the hideously abbreviated urban slang option cray) and a single stemmed rose. 

The first thoughts on this that immediately sprung to my mind was maybe it would be “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal, no thoughts of Brum pop makers Fine Young Cannibals entered the race in my head space.

For a good couple of years or more mid to late 80’s Roland Gift et al the Fine Young Cannibals lit up the charts with their drum machine propelled, trumpet infused swing pop, to which much dad dancing was carried out too at wedding receptions.  While best remembered though for his bluesy vocals it has to be said Roland Gift was probably the best dad dancer at the time, with his own little iconic boogaloo shuffle.

So back in the here and now The Good Natured cover the FYC signature tune “She Drives Me Crazy”, with a pop endearing acoustic arrangement, that shakes, rattles and rolls it’s way through the entire percussion section, allowing Sarah’s on point vocals to add a truly indie british dimension to summer time pop.

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