It’s been all but a quick minute since we welcomed Scandi-pop artist Vanbot back into the music arena to begin launching her upcoming sophomore album “Perfect Storm”.

Our first insight into this highly awaited release recently came sweeping towards us by its first sonically suited single “Trooper”, a track which held up impressively powerful with an air of some notable growth of artistry insitu.

On reaching campaign single two, titled “Seven” the pace is noted to change up a notch with the use of glacially imposing icy electronics cutting into Vanbot’s searingly emotional vox. Emitting highs of hauntingly affective melody through what is essentially a darkly groomed arrangement.

In leading us towards the “Perfect Storm”, we’d say Vanbot has already got us quite transfixed by this newly abstractly arranged, shivery scandi-pop alchemy and readily poised to surrender our dollar to iTunes.