La Bagatelle Magique

Love Is Free” the initial release of the La Bagatelle Magique project from Robyn, Markus Jägerstedt, and the late Christian Falk scored a mish-mash of equal parts praise and equal parts scorn in receiving feedback for its high whack, loose ravey cannon of poppers o’clock delirium.

You either liked it or loathed or brought about to question what is Robyn even doing? Of those three I happened to rather like it mainly because I joined some of the dots that were mapped out within it and it took me back when Neneh Cherry was seen as very much the new thing and Fat Boy Slim first broke the scene with Beats International on “Dub Be Good To Me”.

As you can tell both of those acts had a distinct impact on me and with the addition of a rave horn or two into the EDM accentuated technicolour mix of it all the euphoria came flooding back through the acid house psychedelic trippiness of “Love Is Free”.

More news has broken on the “Love Is Free” EP release it will be popping it’s load into digital outlets August 7th and to coincide with this announcement and facilitating the pre-order activation upon it Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique let fly “Set Me Free” a new track from the mini album set which acts as the pre-order instant the grat track.

As explained in full on the La Bagatelle Magique website the “Love Is Free” EP has a reoccurring theme of freedom, which is translated in the music itself which is choppy and heavily littered with textured sampling. As such I feel it should be taken on board that it’s an experiment with no boundaries, of total indulging in opulent creative abandonment with synths, a dance beat and Robyn’s voice at the helm of it.

In releasing “Set Me Free” to the world, noticeably at first listen it is alot less a raving hot mess of a tune! The bassline bangs almost as much centre stage as Robyn holds command over the dancefloor stomping musical content and this one does embed itself around a sax-ually seductive hook.

All those “Love Is Free” naysayers will more probably than not want to jump right in on this one. Cuz the hotness of Robyn, ya dig!