Cheat Codes

They tried to flag my attention and now I am sitting up listening to Cheat Codes as they’ve just partnered up with the emerging recording artist Lostboycrow who showed much promise to me recently in his vocal direction.

As it stands the newly formed EDM-centric venture / DJ trio of Cheat Codes are out to create fully rounded beats of free flowing melody with a top accent of pop served highly prioritised on the agenda.

In all truth, the L.A. based outfit are beginning to reap in the success already, recently serviced track “Adventure” similarly could have been seen as turning itself in homage to French electronic genius Madeon, as even I in-part could find my way to pick out comparably resonating attributes conjoined between the two acts. Whether brought about by coincidence or sought in influence of, the track has played its part in establishing Cheat Codes to a wider audience nonetheless.

What lies beneath the early ethos of these West Coast boys is to concentrate on servicing up beat numbers with an overall presence of feel-good definition rising up out of their seismic attitude.

It’s just that I find all of the above going off more effectively of the newly received single “Senses”.