8GravesSome of the greatest songs in history can have some of the darkest meanings. You look at a track like Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in The USA’ for example. Patriotic? Not even close… it’s about the atrocities of going to war. Recently, a lot of songs have become superficial in showcasing that everything is great in life. Yet, beyond the surface, we all have problems, some are just not visible to the naked eye. This is the approach that NYC based 8 Graves took when composing their latest track ‘See You Again.’

With such a heavy electronic/soul influence, it’s easy to believe that the latest 8 Graves single is all about dancing and living life. Though, it’s not.  Behind the rich piano driven melodies kissed with that electric chorus lies a story that many of us know all too well. Heartbreak. ‘See You Again’ really is a song that is focused on all those effects on the soul that a breakup may or will cause.

Now don’t let the deeper meaning of the track quickly turn you away. On the surface, you have a very chill dance track that camouflages the negative emotion. That’s if you’re not paying too close attention to the lyrical content. The track has a very 90’s R&B element that pulls you into multiple directions. It will either take you deeper into the heartache, or take you straight to the dance floor. It all depends upon your own mindset and even location when the song hits your ear drums.

If you turn on the radio the emotional content of songs have become one-dimensional.  With one note songs, it just allows for the track to fit one mood. Humans are more complex than one mood. 8 Graves have hit the mark on ‘See You Again’. A song that can be played anywhere at any time, with any mood.