Del Marquis is the adorable guitarist for Scissor Sisters. I recently noticed his sex appeal after watching his killer dance moves in the “Let’s Have a Kiki” instructional video. The choreography for the summer anthem is great, but there was something special about Del Marquis and his subtle groove. Since the Scissor Sisters are on a hiatus I decided to investigate what Del Marquis was up to. I was in luck when I stumbled across his free EP rightfully titled, “Tickle.” Upon first listen I felt like I had found a time capsule from the late 80s full of steamy singles. The record perfectly combines Del Marquis’ personal style and musical influences. It features New York singer Xavier, and includes 4 brand new tracks plus 2 body rockin’ remixes.

The focus track for me is “Say Ohh Damn,” a sexy dance record fully loaded with late 80s/ early 90s backing vocals. If you think it has a Prince vibe that’s because Del Marquis worked with the same live band that stood behind Prince during his Diamond & Pearls era. Del Marquis has proven in previous solo work that he is a rockstar on guitar. However, “Tickle” shows the great production skills the guitarist has to offer also. The short record is guaranteed to make you dance! Singer Xavier is a great addition to Del Marquis’ solo work. His sweet voice blends perfectly over the pop-rock chords.

We may not see Scissor Sisters for a while, but Del Marquis is giving us quite the fuel to hang on. In a recent interview he called the bubbling EP “just the beginning.” If this is only the beginning then I am preparing for one hell of a ride. Let’s hope for a sexy music video, I hear there is one in the works!

Do I need to say anything else? Get your FREE copy of “Tickle” via the Del Marquis site here. 
Del Marquis – Say Ooh Damn