Aside from knocking us bandy with their own original beat slaying, cutting edge electronica releases, The Young Professionals have always proved themselves to be pretty adeptly capable of punching out a crunchy remix or two, inclusive of throwing their interpretative weight into signing off polished and TYP envisaged makeovers on a clutch of cover song choices too.

Being that it is, that we totally, and continue to be floored by the works that amount to TYP’s creative endeavours and we are not anyway alone in this judging by the amount of lovage their remixes and cover versions have picked up over time on the music rating geiger counter Hype Machine. A compilation strung completely of TYP’s production accented works has come into fruition and will imminently be released.

You’ll find it’s tracklist of goodies reads like this.

1. Tove Lo – Talking Body
2. Borns – 10 000 Emerald Pools
3. Lana Del Rey – West Coast
4. Moby (with Damien Jurado) – Almost Home
5. Zedd feat. Matthew Komo & Miriam Bryant – Find You
6. Guena LG & Amir Afargan feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Back 2 Paradise
7. Anna F. – D.N.A
8. The Young Professionals – All Of It But Me feat. Anna F- Alternative Remix
9. Mary Komasa – Come
10. Imagine Dragons – Shots
11. Shy’m – L’Effet De Serre
12. Skip the use – Nameless World
13. Tegan & Sara – Closer
14. The Young Professionals – Video Games (as originally performed by Lana Del Rey)
15. The Young Professionals – S.O.S (as originally performed by ABBA)
16. The Young Professionals – 400 Lux (as originally performed by Lorde)
17. The Young Professionals – All Of It But Me feat. Anna F – Main Version

As you can now see there are plenty of TYP innovatively embellished tracks here to see you right through summer, but why stop there when they are as seriously as good as these really are, quite honestly we at EQ consider ourselves to be advocates of TYP surround sound all year round.

So of course you should now wish to be experiencing a new slice of TYP amazingness for yourselves and have TYP stepped into the hallowed territory of stamping their mark on one of pop’s most iconic bands! Eeeekkk it’s freaking only ABBA’s “S.O.S”, which actually came about after the band were approached to contribute a cover for an ABBA tribute album.

Don’t get weirded out so much at the visual and Ivri’s vocals falling out of Agnetha and Anni-Frid’s mouth, we do admit it is a little high on whack in visual terms but endearingly so and you know it’s a timely reminder of what today’s modern pop stemmed from, overlaid with TYP’s electrifyingly pumped in radness interpretation of uppermost.

Oh yes EQ readers this is one cover song that is reaching in and pushing our perky button!

! UPDATE ! Well the YouTube police came in and overuled that video! We are now served with a video of TYP doing their thing, OK we’ll more than take that in it’s place!