So many artists released Christmas tracks on the last New Music Friday. Noticeably, there are quite a few out to wade through already! Interestingly, however, New Zealand pop artist Georgia Lines doesn’t seem as focused on the festive season just now. Seemingly because, instead of closing out her current pop era with the release of her latest single, “Romeo.” Before launching her debut album, Georgia is going all out for pop with “Romeo.” This latest single sees her departing from her usual R&B-sprinkled pop sound and embracing a fresh blast of 80s-inspired synths.

Back home Georgia has made waves in the music industry since named as the AMA Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2022. Her EP “HUMAN” reached the top of the Official Top 20 NZ Album chart. While her lead single “Faith” held the top spot on the NZ Airplay Radioscope chart for four weeks in a row.

Georgia’s talent as a singer-songwriter is definitely no secret. “Romeo” is a clear example of her versatility in a new light. It’s the first time she has released such a massive anthem, yet her beloved, dreamy vocals demonstrate her ability to handle the demands of a huge pop hit.

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Unquestionably, she is a remarkable music artist. Yet, there is a specific reason why I want to bring attention to Georgia on the blog today. While the addition of synths certainly contributed to making her song, noteworthy enough for coverage on EQ Music Blog, that was not the primary reason. I was actually drawn to Georgia for something else entirely.

Aside from her success as a singer-songwriter, Georgia also hosts a well-received music web series called INTROS. In this series, she introduces her new favourite female and non-binary artists in a relaxed sit-down conversation. Each episode of INTROS revolves around the artist’s selected song, with Georgia delving into the story behind it and the process of writing, before providing viewers with a live performance. It’s a great platform for promoting up-and-coming artists and celebrating diversity in music.

When music artists lift up other music artists, what’s not to love about that, especially when so many amazing artists are unheard by so many. Super idea!

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