If you have perchance listened to or at least know about the music of Mia Rodriguez before. You will probably recall her best because of uses a dark pop style, in certain instances not unlike Melanie Martinez. However while, Melanie continues flexing her creativity to the extreme. Mia, on the contrary, took a step back and embarked on a transformative period of self-discovery and healing before returning to the music scene with a new mindset and embracing a fresh perspective in terms of musicality.

The track “Ride” written and produced by Xavier Dunn is the first to use the new style. Emboldened electro-pop that is similarly along the same lines as that explored by Ava Max and Alice Chater. However, Mia, you see, has earned a fan base that eats up every crumb of her dark pop morsels. And “Ride” is anything but melancholy nor of a left-field pop aesthetic.

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In this comeback, Mia set a goal of captivating listeners which she manages in just a few sentences. And she does not hold back in the lyrics, either. There is an interplay of innuendo that holds its own among the widescreen-styled electro-pop melody. So to accentuate the empowerment theme running through the song, the music visualiser see’s Mia perched a top of a mechanical rodeo bull while trying her best to stay placed on the rotating beastie. But before we make further assumptions…

According to her, the decision to delve into this deeply personal aspect of her identity was a deliberate and empowering choice, borne out of a desire to confront past traumas and reclaim control. Going into the release of new music specifically,

“I wanted to come out of my shell with self-expression regarding sexuality,” Mia explains.

Her courage to break through any inhibitions is truly inspiring, and it’s clear that she is determined to find her own path in life. In a world that often tries to stifle individuality, Mia’s unwavering commitment to self-expression is a refreshing reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself. Albeit, this takes shape as a treat for our ears in the guise of a glossy electro-pop song.

With “Ride,” Mia has started something good. I hope she can keep up with this trend since planet pop has been starving long enough for electro-poptasticness such as this.

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