Avec Sans

New music is here from synth-pop mavens Avec Sans.

Tell us more you say?

Certainly it would be our pleasure.

So often over the last couple of years Jack St. James and Alice Fox have coloured our lives with their intricately gleaming electronica and yet we always find ourselves willingly savouring every shiny drop of their synth giving radiance, when they see fit to share more of it.

They are for all intent and purposes the synth-pop makers that keep on giving, since more often is the case than not, these precious finds are opted-in as Free Downloads in exchange for a Facebook like.

The key to our synth-pop love affair with Avec Sans is simply their exemplary strike rate of consistency in their output, being that it is always above the bar together in production and vocal lead and a sheer glittery delight which dances prettily on the ear.

Avec Sans recipe of success continues on in their newly released track “Resonate”, which you’ll pleasingly find equally as charming as those that have gone before it, given that it runs by their signature imprint perfected formula of Jack’s shivery formed electronica and Alice’s airily projected otherworldly vocals.

By the same token what “Resonate” gives on balance is fittingly built upon in its overall understated grandeur as if shone through a golden filter gathered of softly pulsing spectral timbres.

Basically if you’ve ever wanted to know what bliss sounds like take a lead from us when we tell you once more, it is our considered opinion it continues to come forward in Avec Sans shaped packages.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Resonate” by Avec Sans (via Facebook)