Mandy Rogers / Photo: Christoph Schaller

may be relatively unknown’s but Claire are already showing signs of being a cut
above the ordinary.

Munich based trio of musicians and producers who got together last year, team
up with aspiring young singer Josie Claire Bürkle, steal her middle name for
their own and provide some quite thrilling premium synth pop to get me more than
a little excited about.

release “Pioneers” leaps out of the shadows with fuzzy aplomb, stealthily and
strikingly hitting that chord of Depeche Mode sombre rawness that makes them
the giants of dark toned industrialised electro that they are.  Cutting through that brisk, abrasive
industrial veneer “Pioneers” is accentuated with the airy breathy tones of
Josie’s alternatively pop noir piqued vocals that ultimately make this
throbbing electronic juggernaut stand out from the pack of avant-garde pensive
hybrids of electro pumping gristle .

haven’t been so intrigued and curiously excited by anything German and female
lead in the synth pop arena since the 80’s days of Propaganda and Claudia
.  In "Pioneers" and Claire the spell may have
been broken.

Pioneers - Single - Claire