Paul Aiden of Chimes

Assumptively when I immediately saw the name Chimes flag up in my inbox, I considered that I was being sent something new off of the producer, DJ and Remixer Russ Chimes, but no it seems this is an altogether different set-up emblazoned under the Chimes moniker, which has nothing that I know of doing with Russ.

However the Chimes that we now speak of in the emerging artist sense here, is of a production based collaboration betwixt producer Draper renowned for his mainstream remixes stretching from those of Ellie Goulding to Strange Talk to Prides and that of songwriter, topliner and stock vocalist Paul Aiden who is known to have serviced his vocals on many a tune through the EDM spectrum.

In teaming up as Chimes and presenting their debut single “Pieces”, Draper and Aiden have faceted together their strengths of melodic approached EDM which perfectly allow the smokey timbre of Aiden’s vocal to provide a hazy hue of luscious vox texture amongst the layers of dreamily evocative house styled EDM.

One suspects that as Chimes, they might well come through to serve up a poppers o’clock banger in due course, but as it stands right now with “Pieces”, Chimes provide an effectively good evocative summer soaked sizzler which bounces off nicely in the direction of finding itself heading towards club Ibiza, chilled soundtrack selection.