Here comes the second track served in countdown of St. Lucia’s upcoming long player “Matter”. By the shape of sounds within it, we appear to be set on course for a glass full measure of brightly defined electronic pop to lift us out of the winter doldrums when it arrives with us early into the New Year.

As by some unfathomable judgement the UK was not marketed in on St. Lucia’s debut album “When The Night”. An explainable reason for this I cannot think of! In an act of better late than never and nicely timing in with the sophomore album release of “Matter” though, see’s the debut album finally now available for purchase to the UK audience also.

For the uninitiated and as their name suggests, St. Lucia lead with a benchmark of sunny caressed soundwaves which more often than not are distinctly embedded of a tropically evocative synth-pop hue.

Adhering to this sound thread, the perky arrived band outfit fronted by South African born, Brooklyn raised Jean-Philip Grobler have already got us off the starters blocks with the BIG juicy introductory release on this “Dancing On Glass”.

As the “Matter” album pre-order opens up with a vortex of vibrantly buzzing unbridled energetic release that equates to countdown track “Physical”, and after learning that the album was primarily recorded on a studio console formerly owned by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

I can easily hazard a guess, many a pop perky time lies ahead as these rays of synth-pop touch down their meticulous sun-thersized melodies to us. Consider it like streaming yourself off on a winter-sun break!