I don’t think Purity Ring like having their photo taken ever so much. Megan James and Corin Roddick of the duo do seem to share a preference for being seen in obscure, ways instead. It is part of their charm I suppose. As, helps with instilling, enigmatic, and mercurial flashes into the fabric of their electronic-pop projects. Their latest offering being, their third studio album “WOMB” ( due April 3rd.)The name alone plants some curious thoughts in one’s head. Quite, disquieting and yet, seeping with a magical presence all at once. Described by the band as “a quest for comfort and the search for a resting place in a world where so much is beyond our control.” We learn more about their forthcoming long-player, through the dewy new track “peacefall.”

This song, like so many other Purity Ring tracks, is melodically calming. Out of the sonically created soundscape, twinkling synths pierce through the cosmic leaning beats like pulsing stars. As we hear Megan beckon us into the light, it becomes clear that she is like our guardian encouraging us and steering us out of harm’s away.

There is a sense that all does not feel, as it seems. A sweeping, uneasiness breezes in and we are sent spinning off-course. Until Megan takes charge with her cherubic voice, releasing us from our momentary dizziness. It feels as though “peacefall” is left open to evoke our own interpretations from it. I have shared my experience of what the track conjures up for me. Whilst, I was listening I felt sorrowful yet, equally enchanted. Such an extreme mix of feelings that in these current trying times, of continually digging deep finding the spirit to keep us fighting on. We forget that sometimes it is best all-around that we weep, a bucketful of emotions to a particular song in a bid to reboot and move-on. I wept a bucketful of emotions when listening to “peacefall.” I highly recommend that if you need a song to cry along to right now, “peacefall” should be that song.

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