Electro-indie rock outfit Western Education define themselves amongst the frentically giving power-pop edge siphoned off of the monsters of electro-rock captivation, The Killers and Muse.

Since their inception 3 years ago the Massachusetts based four piece have embarked upon shaping their pummelling indie-rock inclined identity by galvanising elements of strong electronic melody into the invigoratingly dynamic sound-bed.

In just recently landing their debut album “Let Your Secrets Out” the band also set free “Peace” a buzzworthy new single of some substantially grappling stadium filling presence.

Right from the bold synth pop orientated intro, into a wall of crashing drums, “Peace” manifests into a frenzy of intense hurricane force energy, which is intent on not leaving any cowering wallflowers in its undulating wake. Any such timid beings straying into Western Education’s path will be swept up and riding high atop of a rattling thunderbolt of power-pop intuitive driving beats.

There is no doubt at all that this release comes attached with the tag of, statement pop, yet it is no way all that Western Education have to give, since their debut album “Let Your Secrets Out” is one which scouts around a melting pot of musical sound.

Offering a taste of something for everyone, Western Education definitely have a confidently imposing jumpstart with “Peace