By Mandy Rogers

She’s an Albanian R&B pop sensation whose home crowd
affectionately refer to her as “The Madonna Of Albania” and now she’s in a turn
to ensnare the international audiences with her performance enthusiastic, dance
wielding, urban slickness.  

Helping pop babe Bleona in bringing the international pop party
into the spotlights she has found sterling pop associates in Timbaland and
rapper Brasco to assist in this melting pot of European dance flavour and illin
it hip-hop fly off-shoots.

Once you’ve got past the now tiresome flow of Timbaland’s
signature trademark affirmative chants that bespeckle this tune, there is
something quite reasonably good going on here, although, in my opinion it would
be so much more of a tune by alleviating those extraneous embellishments and
leaving it at the incorporated rap sections, since they work, the other is just
un-needed fluff.

Good on Bleona though in scoring a top production team and
collaborators in her quest to take her music to the next level, just a little
Timbaland overdoing it on this song, but in showcasing Bleona it is pleasantly tunefull.

Pass Out (feat. Timbaland & Brasco) - Single - Bleona