Cash+David Press Shot 600x418 PIX

My biggest gripe with mainstream pop in general is the extent of competitive inclusion which abounds as though sensationalized into that of a tabloid format. My thinking is that most of today’s pop would not be so noticeable if it wasn’t daubed with some gossip feeding headline to assist in it making a greater impression. The bigger the act or artist becomes the more ridiculous the tittle tattle escalates.

Thank goodness there are wealth of new artists and acts that are passionate to the cause! And for these number the only consideration is to produce the kind of music they truly believe in, without the aid of gimmicks to propel it into an appreciating audience.

All much as I find the latest song “Pains 4 U” from London based duo Cash+David, who have been simmering away building their profile and penning some increasingly crafted electronica in their short time together.

Liz and Tim of Cash+David are progressively establishing favour for their sonically surging alt electro-pop, which although embraces the kind of plucked out of the underground scene feel, and more oftenly dabbles towards the same path of similar creation that steers the creative electronic seeking alchemy of AlunaGeorge.

Granted there are lots of idiosyncratic resources pouring into the forming of Cash+David’s repertoire, but what remains at the core, is that the end result doesn’t come out as seemingly trying too hard.

Pains 4 U” does this effectively via it’s undulating waveforms of emphatically seductive, hypnotic beats which evidently act their part in assisting to express the cushioning blow of an emotionally painful experience through the self healing properties of this evocatively calming melody.