OXOPshot (1)

Budding pop princess Miss Olivia Somerlyn really knows how to carry off an engaging pop melody. As we’ve noted previously, Olivia is all about giving it some in the pure pop arena and this she does on a level of super cute understanding.

As a performer Olivia isn’t into over complicating upon her artistry either and there is a certain quality of wholesomeness within in her music which is moreover, most endearing.

Living out her teenage dream through the medium of vibrant songs, Olivia’s definably mainstream appealing tracks have the knack of etching themselves firmly in giving out warmly fuzzy feelings.

These adorbs pop tunes aren’t only charming a growing fan army of Somerlovers onside though, Olivia has a fair few number of celebrity pop star fans calling out their praises on her. There’s her recent tour buddy Meghan Trainor, DJ TYDi, DJ Earworm, Lindsey Stirling and Olivia’s well in there within the Jonas clan of course, seeing that she is managed by the Jonas siblings father Kevin Jonas Senior!

In announcing her new track “OXO”, Olivia delivers a perky but delightfully melody fuelled three and a half minutes of blissful pop confection which above all else rolls out a message of believing in ones self.

There is however, cuteness overload in the accompanying lyric video! Which is actually quite an effective idea seen through with maximum kudos for its engaging use of cell phones and mobile social media.

Hit play on this, to see just who Olivia is following on her timelines and more importantly which of her celebrity pals drop by with a video message. I’ll be honest, this lyric video all adds in to make “OXO” even more princess points worthy in being adorable.