By Jordan Meehan

As of late, I've been stumbling upon a lot of indie electro-hip-hop (which might not even be an actual term or genre, but just run with it) and its really been reshaping my feelings on hip-hop all together. This new track from Colin Munroe called Over It is helping with this reshaping. 

This new track is a moderate tempo track with a cool, relaxed vibe that makes you just want to bop along with it and a great electro flair in its production that just begs for this song to be remixed and thrown into a club. 

That's not all I have for you today, dear EQs! Colin has also just dropped his new free mixtape Unsung Hero, which I have to say, is pretty stellar (and I will most likely be reviewing it later today when I have more spare time!). But until I get around to reviewing the full mixtape, you can stream it below while you eagarly await my thoughts on it.

Listen to Over It and stream Unsung Hero here: