They are champions at structuring a wonky pop bass line together with their animated use of syncopated electronic rhythms, and we quite love their resulting kooky beats.

We of course, refer to Stockholm based trio of Kate Boy, who recently brought us one such dynamically glorious wall of eclectically pounding electronic sound on “Self Control”, the first focus single to be featured from the forthcoming debut album.

The electronic maestro’s of the band Hampus Nordgren and Markus Dextegen get to flex their dexterous expertise at arranging layers of rhythmically rumbling off-centre beats that rattle with a quivering iciness some more on follow-up single “Open Fire”.

Conjoined with Kate Akhurst’s signature rolling chant giving vocals, the bubbling experimental formula arises to the occasion once more, anointed in innovation and throbbing pop melody hook line crafted, arresting allure.