Midnight To Monaco

Photo: Robert McGuiness

All power to Future Classic, the tastemaker Australian Record Label which in part is seen as being in the same discovery highlighting vein as that of Kitsuné.

An oztastic arm of successfully homegrown music discovery which houses, Flume, Flight Facilities and Chrome Sparks amongst its number.

Along with the labels long-serving flagship artists, the label is continuous in extending its brand with the tip-top new emerging acts who serve the electronic pop movement.

One of the latest Future Classic acquisitions we have already met previously in Midnight to Monaco, are very much seen as being everything going forward of the future classic ethic that the label represents.

So now that the new label compilation LP is due, it falls to Midnight to Monaco to lead the pack with the charge of the title track. This is no tall order though, for a duo which is formed of Empire Of The Sun producer Donnie Sloan (co-writer of the bands big hits “We Are The People” and “Walking On A Dream”) and Canadian vocalist Ricky Ducati.

Under the esteem of track “One In A Million”, the duo give in to all the dreamy sonic layering and harmonzing that would calm the stormiest of waters. I’m not kidding on this either! As it seriously plays up to the hype I’ve just bestowed upon it, being formed in the main of lushly smooth disco verbs steering this future disco delight for good measure.

Much as our first encounter with Midnight to Monaco’s under debut effort “Suicide”, “One In A Million” takes lead from the circumstance of trials and tribulations which rear up in life. When it falls to fathoming out answers, the duo come out on top with a suitably lucid and poignantly retrograde style all rolled into one.

Don’t dismiss this for its slow-burn approach as when this one hits the chorus, it’ll see your hands reaching for the sky and joining in.

The Future Classic compilation “One In A Million” drops March 25th.