Unsurprisingly the new one from Sweden’s Urban Cone is a total jam, in as much as a new song that has borrowed from the golden old familiar kind of funky pop sound does. This fits right in with the whole nostalgia tinged bigger picture that centre around the theme behind the lyrics of “Old School” though. You see it seems Urban Cone are old romantics at heart, they do not take to liking much about what is considered the dating game norm nowadays, the signing up to dating apps and such like. They way Urban Cone fellas see it, it’s cutting corners and a speedier way into meeting someone but at the cost of alluding much of the charm and sweetness, which smooching your way into someone’s affection gives.

As much as I hear what Urban Cone are getting at and I’m sure it applies to a small minority in the long run. I met my husband through a dating service, but that was back in the day. So erm I don’t know if all of what the band thinks about the way in which modern dating happens rings true. We did the full-on dating things too. My 20 year old son, regularly treats his girlfriend with flowers and spontaneous gifts as well as taking her out on date nights. Romance is alive and flourishing in our household.

Enough about us! Urban Cone’s “Old School” is more than quite electrofunkgasmic. It’s a nu-retro, disco-shaped groover. So hit play on it and saves my blushes for going there and sharing mushy details about myself.