Stockholm’s, alt-pop outfit Violet Days “O.D. On You” is a little pop gem of a track that is as sweet with candied melodies and primed in salty lyrics rather like our favourite number 146 on a Chinese take-away menu is a match made in sweet and sour heaven too tasty a combination to indulge upon.

Coming in as another stellar pop outing for Lina Hansson’s Violet Days, which acts to back up such prismatically transcending, otherworldly efforts as “Screaming Colors” and “Your Girl”. The latest arrival in the clutch of tracks to Violet Days name is piqued in the same addictive hooky melody and charismatically alluring, hazy vocal that will have swept you up in no time and locked in as a fan before you know it.

As much as we are thinking it, we’re just gonna come right out with and mention Lina’s vocals can be held in comparison to that of viral phenomenon Halsey, being that they literally breathe the same breathy air and expel similar traits of throwing surprises by way of emotively heart pulling narratives.

What is more, “O.D On You” sounds and feels good perhaps it won’t be long before The Chainsmokers dial up and put a call in for a collaboration. Although, we think Violet Days are doing rather splendidly well left to their own devices for now.