You will want to know about Starsmith’s new track with Clare Maguire, trust us you will, as it a right bobby dazzler of a club track.

I can’t say that we’ve ever thought of Starsmith’s production work as any thing other than fully accomplished and extremely good with it, on the other hand Clare Maguire hasn’t until now made so much of an impression on us. Whoa now though, together they break out a track called “Now I Feel Good” which has chart-bound imprinted upon it if ever we considered it.

Seriously, sense this should go some way in a leap of progression for Clare Maguire who was tipped on all the tastemakers lists just a few short years back, since the usual vocal tone of bluesy-ness gives way to an earthier and richer pop direction, which oh my gosh, does sound damn righty good.

That’s not all, since Starsmith has really turned about a bone fide club killer this time out.

What does this track say to us? Well it’s saying feel good vibes and we really, really are riding on them when listening to this, as it is pretty much belting out the sound of summer in a little over 4 minutes.