EQ @ Underbelly headliners Temposhark have put up two new preview clips on their MySpace player just today for new single "The World Does Not Revolve Around You" and "Bye Bye Baby".

I think you'll find that the new tracks are a bit different from their punchy electronic machine guns blazing you're used to.  It's more pop and I love it.

What do you think?

Lead singer, Rob Diament has been tweeting away lately saying that he's shooting two new music videos very shortly for the material.  You'll remember that their last animated video for "Blame" was quite the award-winning endeavor, so one can only imagine what the Temposhark boys (and girl now) have planned for the new visuals.

Make sure to catch Temposhark perform an exclusive new set at EQ @ Underbelly on May 29th!

UPDATE:  Rob tells me he has been writing with X-Factor finalist Diana Vickers!  Now that should be interesting…I really liked her voice and that hand, well, it's a celebrity in it's own right…