It has to be said that I didn’t pay too much attention to Fibes, Oh Fibes! when they first hit the music blogs about a year ago and really I should have as they have that something a little special.  Universal Sweden weren’t quite happy that I gave them so little love, so they sent me some never-heard-before remixes for Fibes, Oh Fibes! new single “Love Will Always Find A Way” which they wanted me to share with all of you…and I quite like them so I am of course, happy to oblige.

First up – check out the remix that Pontus Winnberg from Miike Snow did – it’s quite whimsical!

Next up, check out the Damien Adore remix which gives the pop track a more serious vibe…

And there you go…the single “Love Will Always Find A Way” will be released this month and in the meantime, I need to get my hands on their album “1987”…which also happens to be one of my favourite years in pop music.