It seems that emerging artists with a substantial TikTok following and signed with Universal Music Group (UMG) are likeliest facing some challenges in finding their music heard at the moment. This is because TikTok failed to renew its licensing rights with UMG last week. Thus, resulting in millions of songs from UMG’s library experiencing removal from the platform. Therefore, with TikTok having a high exponential growth rate. The consequence of this means that some pop newcomers are feeling the worst of the situation. However, it seems that Canadian musician and TikTok star Jade LeMac may be one of the lucky ones, as she recently signed with Arista Records and her latest release, “Narcissistic” is gaining lots of traction.

With her unique sound and undeniable talent, Jade LeMac is definitely one of the hottest new artists to watch out for. Similarly, with the release of Jade’s debut EP “Constellations” last year, she has gained more attention in the music industry. It is a fact, that her popularity has grown so much that a deluxe version of the EP will be released on March 1st, featuring the latest focus track “Narcissistic,” which is already making waves.

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Jade’s song “Narcissistic” showcases her exceptional songwriting skills and powerful vocals. In this song, her unapologetically dark voice exudes equal measures of melancholy and despair, leaving a deep impact on listeners. What’s particularly fascinating about this song is that Jade is not blaming anyone else for her troubles – she is unashamedly embracing her own toxicity. This is what makes the song so relatable and hauntingly beautiful. Overall, “Narcissistic” is a must-list for anyone who appreciates emotive lyricism and impressive vocal performances.

Unreservedly, her distinct brand of alluring, dark alt-pop has already captured the attention of many. Although, it’s not hard to see why. With her captivating sound and honest, relatable lyrics, Jade is poised to make a significant impact on the pop world.

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