I had actually been wishing upon a really good pop song to make an appearance today, but I had no inkling that it would be forthcoming from potential pop force, Brooklyn music artist SVĒ.

When we initially came to be acquainted with SVĒ’s resplendent tuneage a year or so ago now, we were suitably immediately engaged with SVĒ’s signature trait and ability of building a soaring pop chorus out of either dramatically designed synth lines or glittery nuggets of electronic pop crafting.

We felt of the matter that SVĒ was building up something of huge appeal and doing so as a D.I.Y. artist, well that spoke evermore to us of someone whose creative input at all levels was the kind of ethic that we could greatly find ourselves getting behind in support of.

Word is now out on SVĒ’s upcoming debut album “My Religion” and she has seen fit to first share the gleaming title track as the album pre-order process gets underway.

Like its fore-runners “My Religion” stems from an electronic-pop dimension that is giving of bold vocals and which goes on to preside over an imposing soundtrack created of potent powerhouse influence. In one word – stunning!

Given that the album release date is a couple of months in the distance, chances are that there will be leverage for another single release perhaps prior to when the album drops, but for now we can instantly get loved up in the tracks “My Religion”, “Evaporate”, “Screaming In Your Bed”, in addition to singles “Talking To Walls” and “Riot”.

Who knows, I think we might be set to have amongst us an album from SVĒ that could go some favourable distance in brilliantly dispensing an unstoppable pop spirit. That’s what I’m earnestly hoping for anyways, in soundtracking my summer to perfection.