Aubrn + Jafar

By Mandy Rogers 
/  Photo: Claire Elise

Lighting the fuse on neon song, Detroit hip-hop rapper turned producer Aubrn, styles a spark of energetic electro pumped dynamics with new
collaborative EDM producer partner Jafar.

The duo’s highly driven debut offering of “Moment” is a buzz
lightening production slayer, which has been co-produced by the rising and in demand
Ghostlab team of Ross Lara and T.C. Spitfire, who are currently contributable alongside
both the production and composition with Paul Oakenfold and Matt Morris on
Cher’s fierce comeback slice of action “Woman’s World” 

Not content with just his production dibs on “Moment”,
T.C.  hops up to the mic on this to lend
his vocal glamour to this techno, rave slammer.  

Sure seems that when there’s whiff of high-octane electro
buzz in the air, that the Ghostlab team are at the call of it.