April Towers

If I ever had any concerns that quality synth-pop music was in decline, all these notions have been resoundingly quoshed since I became aware of Nottingham duo April Towers.

The duo continue to bring to the table a consistent streak of vibrantly pulsing melodies which have equated to a gleaming run of singles, the most recent of which “A Little Bit Of Fear” making inclusion on the soundtrack to EA Sports “FIFA 2016”. A fitting endorsement if ever I heard one.

Above all the warranted, growing support for their mass appealing brand of crisply impacting electronica, April Towers strike whilst the metaphorical iron is hot to bring about their next release “Modern Psyche”.

April Towers oven bake synth-pop in its purest form of 80’s retrospect, yet it still has a thoroughly modern perspective which comes into its own through Alex and Charlie’s brilliance at shaping out imposingly dynamics riffs.

Modern Psyche” continues to deliver upon April Towers key strengths and seamlessly forges an energised soundtrack in cohesion with dramatically embossed lyrical narratives. In this instance, a lyrical narrative which pertains to the shifts in modern attitudes and perspective viewpoints, as to what is regarded as acceptable in present day’s liberated society.

April Towers certainly don’t turn out their synth-pop at half-measure, they go in for the bigger pitcher. A full cup runneth over, of pick-me-up, up-lifting, fizzing electronic pop refreshment. On Tap.