How would I describe Kelli-Leigh?  She’s basically a British Kelly Rowland with a pop/rock/soul flair if you ask me.  The resemblance too is actually startling!  I got the chance to see Kelli-Leigh perform this week and needless to say – she and her sexy man band blew my ears off with powerful songs like the interestingly titled “Dickmatized”…yeah, you have to hear it to believe it…

Kelli-Leigh is a bit rock for my tastes overall, but when she performed this song called “Missing You” I almost started to tear up – not joking.  She totally “goes there” with this song and it wouldn’t surprise me if she starts to get picked up for TV syncs sometime soon.  I can definitely imagine Kelli-Leigh’s music being laid over shows like 90210 and Grey’s Anatomy.

Do you like Kelli-Leigh?  Well if she’s your sort of thing, make sure to check her out on her official website.