While it’s great that the band All Saints still performs gigs from time to time, it’s natural to crave more from the platinum-selling recording artists. Although they’ve reunited and released new material in the past, their appearances are sporadic and brief. Each member has indeed remained involved in music and in the public eye. However, there’s nothing quite like the joy of hearing new music from the band that we know and love, am I right? That’s why it’s truly incredible to see Shaznay Lewis return to the music scene. And with new solo songs after a twenty-year hiatus. With her just-released track “Miracle,” we can only be excited by the promise of more fantastic music to come.

Shaznay’s incredible talent for songwriting is well-known, having helped her band All Saints create numerous top-ten singles in the 90s. Her new solo tracks showcase her soulful vocals and distinctive lyrical style, making it easy to mistake “Miracle” for an All Saints release. It’s amazing how the song incorporates two-thirds of the character elements that made the 90s girl band so successful, with Shaznay often taking the vocal lead. If you’re a fan of All Saints or just love great music, you won’t want to miss out on Shaznay’s latest work.

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Wow, I really enjoyed listening to “Miracle” it is a really interesting song! I love the idea of blurring the lines between different genres. The blend of pop ballad and down-tempo R&B melody is quite unique. It’s especially great to hear that the lyrics are so uplifting and empowering. It sounds like Shaznay put a lot of work into the writing process. And it’s also wonderful that she was able to create something so personal and meaningful to her. I can definitely see this track becoming a hit as it is somewhat alike the music of Sugababes. (infact, it would be perfect for them!

Shaznay says, “‘Miracle’ was a journey, a relentless writing process between Emily Phillips and me. when I finally listened to it I realised it was a love song to myself, about the person I’ve been for the past 25 years and where I am now. It’s a message of encouragement to return to my love of writing with self-esteem, and confidence in the way that made me happy.”

I highly suspect some live shows will be announced around the release of this new music.

To date two diary dates are confirmed. Shaznay will play

London festival Mighty Hoopla on June 2nd (details HERE)

Nocturne at Blenheim Palace on June 16th (details HERE)

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