Sam Sure

Photo: Tommy Oldham

This is the point where I go a little cray, cray over emerging artist Sam Sure some more!

Since coming to the light of our attention and establishing himself with sonically introspective tracks “Hunger” and “Cracks”, together with a run of live performance dates. Sam gets back down to it with the arrival of an utterly lush new single in “Me & You”.

Positively burning on even more good vibes in addition to his previous efforts, “Me & You” adds further weight onside in presenting Sam’s competent abilities as an engaging lyricist. Steered by his thoughtfully executed hip-hop wordy, flowing compositions which oversee Sam’s capabilities to resonate intelligently with listening audience.

All in all the sum of Sam Sure’s musicality is kinda like the coming together in shades of Ed Sheeran’s urban poetry realness making a rainbow of modern pop sound to the tune of Years & Years housey filtered electronica.

Moreover, it’s a HOT sound which plays right into the trend-setting path of where British music is flourishing at its greatest strength right now.

Not to be overally seen as being a hipster where all things Sam Sure are concerned. I am most genuinely captivated by Sam’s insightful skills, which are reflective of his comprehensive understanding of all things music artistry.

This boy got skills, y’all. Skills enough to ensure that the immediate future is definitely glowing with the strengths of Sam’s unquestionable potential to gain that extra push of prominence in his status as a highly promising new artist. Who you should certainly be keenly looking out for to continue to do well in 2016.