Young Brother

Photo: Justin March

It is just so satisfying to pick back up on an emerging artist talent that we have previously featured and become even more so engaged with the given direction their work is taking. When it falls to that of Dalton Diehl’s new act Young Brother it is an exciting prospect because the strength of his initial debut effort “Kamikaze” was nothing short of dealing the full-on, pop effect reals.

In literally no time at all, the Nashville based singer is one whose pop craft is confidently beginning to piquing interest owing to its heightened melody driven styling and of course Dalton’s assuredly captured vocal performance.

With his first EP due to drop in just a few weeks’ time it is clear from the offset that Dalton Diehl’s Young Brother solo project isn’t going about things in small measures either.

Joining the title track of the upcoming “Kamikaze” EP is the newly revealed release of “Man Up”.

Tripping on a more pop-centric vibe than previous effort “Kamikaze”, “Man Up” brings to the table a vision of quirky electronic-pop which creatively factors in an upbeat mood created of everything from drum crashes to jangly guitar riffs, whilst touching on the vibes exhibited from brit-pop to hip-hop!

Man Up” is anything but your standard pop song, as it spars off in so many directions that it keeps up the pace of giving maximum thrills per second.