By Mandy Rogers

Those cheerful chirping Danes of Alphabeat are back! Having
spent the last few weeks paddling around in their “Love Sea” of frothy pop
bubbles, the upbeat crew of pop makers sent out an S.O.S. for some remix action
on their tremendously buoyant new single.

Lo and behold a plethora of their music friends set full
steam ahead on the task and have now anchored in a lively clutch of zingy pop
mixes to excite all senses.

Turning out in force on the remix front are; Frankmusik,
Kastra, Android Orchestra, The Sound Of Arrows, Willie Mays and Azure Blue
but guess what! The good-hearted pop crew of Alphabeat are letting you have all
this bounty for FREE DOWNLOAD. It’s True! X marks the spot of this remix
treasure chest on their Facebook.

Before you shoot over there, you can indulge in one here on
EQ.  A pleasingly dreamy shimmering
effort from fellow Swede Tobias Isaksson AKA Azure

Plunge right in do and don’t forget to gather up the rest of
the hoard from Facebook.