La Bagatelle Magique

Oh yes!, yes! Yes! And thrice YES! Robyn has come in on a new project, premiering with Annie Mac as Hottest Record In The World and totally smashed it with a ravey dance orientated effective 90’s house banger.

The project revealed to be called La Bagatelle Magique is a band consisting of Robyn, Markus Jägerstedt and the late Christian Falk, and Robyn also let slip in her chat with Annie Mac that they had been working away at new material for the past three years! What they have in the bag ready to pop is about five – six new tracks altogether which Robyn then went on to confirm would make its way into the world, in her words as a “mini album” real soon. So that’s an EP load alright! BAM! And thank you mam!

Sure I don’t have to tell you this track is hella hot. It’s got a hit of everything hip-hop, rap, dance, house, & layered electronic’s, gawd my senses are titivated to the max right now.

Get on “Love Is FreeRIGHT NOW, it’s gonna swallow up your summer in no time at all!

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