Mikey Wax

I’ll be honest, I don’t set out to make it my mission to keep up with the on-goings of the Kardashians or their extended family the Jenner’s. Even so, just because I personally don’t sit on my sofa riveted to their tv show programming doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up to speed with their socialite lives as there’s always plenty of headline’s prompted on via my social media regarding them anyways to know what’s what.

My only one time of making a point of tuning in on the family was for the airing of the former Bruce Jenner’s courageous coming out interview. Such an inspiringly up-front and truly heartwarmingly empowering interview that comminicated positivity.

Following this header, I know what you’re now all thinking, isn’t EQ a music website? where is this all leading?

Not in coincidently to recognising burgeoning pop artist Mikey Wax, whose team contacted us and made me aware of his equality anthem “Love Always Wins”. Inspired by the words of hope and happiness from Mikey’s close gay friend upon the recent legalization of gay marriage.

Oh get ready, these simple words resonate so powerfully on this track and will doubtless have you all overcome in emotion much as it did myself! Superbly rousing marriage of message and melody. Touching, even the more through the lyric video where it really becomes to the fore in the height of its engagement. I’ve never been the hugest fan of lyric videos per sé but this is absolutely where something of this nature is a necessary tool of good purpose to my mind. To have these words leaping out at you with the celebratory scenes forming as the backdrop, creates a positively embracing experience through the spirit of nothing but love alone.

Reaching out in celebration and liberation. The wave of universal love is movingly felt sky high in its outreach of enlightenment here.

And so proves itself a perfect fit also, for playing a part in the promo TV commercials that are currently running in regard to Caitlyn Jenner’s series “I Am Cait”.

If you happened to have caught sight of that particular commercial now you have the full story on it and as you have love filled in your heart you may throw your universally loving support on Mikey Wax’s equality anthem also.