Utah-based Oh, Be Clever have the indie electro-pop/rock market to themselves at the moment. Following the release of their insanely brilliant “Next To You“, and the equally captivating “My Religion“, the talented duo return with what may be their best effort to date, the tragic and heartbreaking “Lost You“.

Said to have be inspired by a back and forth relationship which lasted over four years, the new single leans more towards the heavy alternative rock genre, think Paramore, than did the pop overload of their first offerings.

From the flawless performance from vocalist Brittany Shields to the revealing lyrics and the impressive instrumentals, “Lost You” just has everything right going for it. “It kills me to think that she’s feeling your touch, the way I did when, we’d lie in your bed, naked all weekend,” Shields belts about possibly regretting the decision to let go of her former flame.

Oh, Be Clever has proven, in just a short amount of time, that they can do it all. They can do dance, they can do pop, they can rock out, but most importantly, all of the material has a legitimate reason to exist. “Lost You” is the band’s latest success. It has an effortless feel, it demands attention from the moment it begins, and may be the one song that truly sums up exactly what kind of act the duo really is.