Cyril Hahn

By Mandy Rogers

How would you like to hear Solange’s current tune of soulful
groove “Losing You” flipped into a gilded glow of ambient electro house?

The force behind it comes from Swiss born Cyril Hahn who is
stirring up mass interest in the remixing circles with his high calibre
velveteen re-works of R’n’B classics and now he turns his hand to re-ensemble a
current release in Solange’sLosing You”.

Vamoose! out goes the quirky soul step and in its place, rolls in
chilled opulent layering, lustrous and radiantly wavy, with a springy bounce as
salon perfected as the curls on the sisters Knowles hair. 

The world is noticing Cyril Hahn – Get In!


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