Have you ever stopped to imagine what a collaboration between a Swedish producer and an Irish vocalist might sound like? If you wondered about this or if you do not think about this for that matter. You will soon find out. I am about to share with you. “Long Summer Nights” the new track from Sweden’s Oliver Nelson (producer) and Irish breakout artist Lilla Vargen (vocals).

The offering isn’t one of those summer anthems which pump up the bass and blares horns. The dance track emits a different kind of energy. Shimmering electro-tinged synths and emotively tender vocals. Create feel-good vibes that are flawlessly executed, and come together to form a soundtrack for sun-drenched days and hot summer nights.

It isn’t until the lyrics kick in that we are alerted the that song is not as joyous as it first seems. This is because of Lilla’s vocal unravels a story of a love gone cold. Although we could also look at the track another way. As an invitation to break away from the familiar to embrace new perspectives. For want of a better description. “Long Summer Nights” is this summer’s ultimate sad pop banger in this respect. A soft and soothing melody joined by vocals vulnerable with emotion.

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“After all those long summer nights without you here. Dancing alone, feeling weird. And I’ve been far from home this whole year, just wishing I could disappear. (lyrics)

When the temperatures heat up. It is not unusual that our thoughts should turn to day trips outdoors. It is lovely to have some good music to help with creating a suitable ambience for our journies. Simply put. “Long Summer Nights” is a catchy and danceable track sure to be the perfect addition to summertime playlists. Blissful, upbeat pop that harnesses a carefree and driving disco feel.

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