By Mandy Rogers

Off Kilter styled pop is my own personal ultimate guilty pleasure
but to get some by way of Sweden is the infinite spoil.

Stockholm’s newest breakout act, trio NONONO stamp their
debut “Like The Wind” with a crisp abstract percussive air that is lifted with
a seasoned outpouring of eclectically mood adjusted vocals, entwining both
emotive melancholy and experimental expression that seamlessly form a union of
avant-garde harmony.

Innovators of both melody and style Astma and Rocwell were
responsible for the production behind Beatrice Eli’s “The Conqueror” and they’ve
also had their dibs on Icona Pop and Bebe Black amongst a few.  Whilst vocalist Stina, bagged herself some
study to be a psychologist and has turned to singing. 

Glorious by its creative nature, “Like The Wind” is the
proverbial breath of fresh air that cuts above the cluttered smog of mainstream
with defiant confidence. 

Definitely not a NO,NO,NO, for me its a resounding Meg Ryan enthusiastic YES…YES…YES!