I am much of the thinking that pop balladeer Laurie Belgrave may have just hit the point of no return as he’s turned out his most pop received effort to date.

The burgeoning new artist, had up until this point established himself as rather an ambiguous figure gathered up in rollingly introspective sonic sound bytes, which came to full fruition through the debut release of the “Echoes” EP last year.

What is measurable of Belgrave’s artistic intent however, lies in the production partners that are brought into the equation of shaping his magnetically soul-stirring singer/songwriter facets to their fullest. Previously locked in on the intimately accrued melodrama which was off-set by a subversive underground groove under the accomplished direction of Liam Howe (Marina And The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey).

The next match of production partner comes forward in the highly sought after beatmaker to Leona Lewis and Nicole Scherzinger – Felix Snow.

Not that my name dropping of these pop glitterati names in anyway go so far to indicate that Belgrave has taken to embracing a full mainstream pop vibe on their new cut together “Lift Me Up”, but there is a notable shift however, guiding Laurie’s vox unto a more pop eco-existent approach. Largely owing in the main that there is a real chorus section flourishing here of which we can all get involved.

Take note peoples, Laurie Belgrave is now really coming up through the ranks, as an intelligently engaging talent with much glowing artistic integrity fueling his pop goals.