We have witnessed some changes in the development of singer Coury Palermo stretching back to his days as a guesting vocalist with Justin Elswick’s electronic pop project Sleepthief through coury’s solo material. Additional collaborative ventures along the way with Jennifer Paige as Paige & Palermo and most recently alongside Phillip Zach whereby, forming eclectic pop duo “A Thousand Fires”.

We cannot help but celebrate Coury’s vision as an artiste and desire to change-up his repertoire in styles. More to the point whatever becomes the focus of each new project Coury has shown himself to be an adept vocal Chameleon who does nothing but impress with his embracing of migratory styles and instinctively discerning flair.

Onward with the career journey. Love+War arrives as the latest in the line of collaborative partnerships. Alongside Coury this time we are introduced to a fellow Nashville native Ron Robinson a respected session guitarist and producer in his own right.

Love+War are far more electronic pop motivated than anything else we’ve heard with Coury’s involvement in a while. He’s also consummately showing out another string to his bow, in a luscious soulful lilt to his already swoon-worthy vocal tones on “Leave Room” from the upcoming debut EP “Hue

Yes the evolving career of Coury Palermo has produced some stellar work to date. In this approach of step-by-step transformation in moderation we get a sense that it is this which has played an active part in artistically strengthening upon what Coury has always possessed. A whole of bucket-load talent.

So smooth and rapturously blissfull. The evidence lies within the play button. Love+War are taking us to an even bigger place than Coury Palermo has ever taken us before.

Pre-order debut EP “Hue” on Bandcamp