Asher Monroe

Are we about ready for some new tuneage from Asher Monroe to reach out and colour our lives?

The singer/songwriter has near always got something on the boil it would seem, being as though he’s been bigging it up in the recording studio in full creative flow for more than I can remember to be a while now.

During this creative period we have been invited in on the music making process sharing some funkylicious chunks of content via his #MonroeMonday song reveals.

It has however, been hinted at, that the bigger picture may now be coming into view, with Asher citing on Twitter (sic) “I have so much in store for my fans! Just wait. You have ben so patient”. Whilst further to this promptly put out an especially tantalizing teaser of a new track titled “Jukebox Marmalade”.

So the clip was like mere seconds in length, but enough of a listen to ascertain that it appeared to one funky beaut of an effort which has had me sitting tight ever since in anticipation of it’s full arrival.

Said track complete, has made it onto the interweb and it’s everything I hoped it would turn out to be, if not more. Super funky melody, pressed up against a feel good vibe treated with top-notch production and harbouring a distinct throwback flavour which is tripping with a pop glazed soulful approach.

I’m more than up for chucking a dime in the direction of Asher’s towering falsetto as it’s just so sassy delicious here.

You can purchase this particular pop treat over at Asher’s website.