Johnny Lazer EP cover_ 1Kx1K

OH GOD I COULD DIE.  I’m so excited to announce that long-time EQ fave, Johnny Lazer finally will be releasing his debut single “Bad Boyfriend” on March 28th and you can listen to it right here, right now!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Antony (aka Johnny Lazer) over the last year and he really is one of THE RADDEST guys in pop right now.  Everything around him just spews excitement from his lovable Scottish accent, to his “Sonic The Hedgehog” look, to his amazing and high-energy pop music.  This guy deserves to be huge and I’ve always said he’s like the new Billy Idol and we need someone like that on the pop scene right now.

Johnny Lazer is JUST ONE of the 30 reasons why pop music won’t suck this year.

Make sure to check out his Soundcloud too where you can hear how his track “New High” is shaping up!

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