This weekend, I missed out on all the fun at Mighty Hoopla in Brockwell Park. But, I made up for it instead by catching up on the latest gazillion new music Friday releases. Sometimes the sheer amount of weekly new music releases is overwhelming, and it can be a problem knowing what to look at first. However, a preview of a song called “Interstellar” by the electronic/synth project producer and songwriter Chance of Lightning featuring Natalie Walker was sent over in readiness for the release date. Therefore, on this occasion, I decided this was the best place to embark on my latest weekend listening session.

Without question, “Interstellar” is one of the best synth-pop releases of the week. Right from the start, the catchy beats and dreamy vocals drew me in. The track has a distinct cosmic feel to it, and it reminded me of the classic 1993 hit, “Sweet Harmony” by The Beloved. My first thought, I couldn’t help but imagine all the amazing mash-ups that could be created between these two tracks.

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The “song is about a couple slowly growing apart, but moving toward their “stars” (where they belong)”. The lyrics are so heartfelt, and the dreamy vocals of Natalie Walker take you to another world.

Synth-driven music is renowned for lending itself well to evoking cosmic electro, and disco-pop otherworldliness. Consequently, many electronic music artists have explored this style. Yet, Chance of Lightning, also known as Logic Pro expert Darren Burgos, is one of the leading figures pushing it forward.

“I’ve learned over the years that making something that fits ‘too well’ into a genre, is a good way to get lost and forgotten,” he says. “Why make something that sounds just like someone else? They beat you to it, so move on and do what feels natural to you,” he comments.

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